24 Hours of UX: Non-stop Live UX Content

24 Hours of UX: Non-stop Live UX Content

24 Hours of UX brings 24 hours of uninterrupted live online content to the global UX design community

This year 24 Hours of UX came up with another incredible event that took place from June 8, 2022 and connected local communities to a global audience. Over the course of the nonstop 24 hours, 31 UX talks were presented to the audience by fantastic communities around the world.

Between 300 to 350 individuals attended the event on average, although this number continuously changed as the event went around the globe and interacted with the event’s 1600 registrants.

Communities from different parts of the world including Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, South America, and Australia joined the event.

Veteran designers like John Bowie and Debbie Levitt also spoke at the event for the first time on a variety of topics ranging from virtual reality to accessibility to mentoring and additionally touching upon gender-neutral personas and indigenous cultures.

The event was truly global as there were talks in Spanish and Arabic which were translated in real time by an interpreter.

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Team DW