DesignWhine – an empowering hub to learn, upskill, and thrive in UX design.

Welcome to DesignWhine

Founded as a digital magazine in September 2020, DesignWhine has evolved into a vibrant hub dedicated to providing UX professionals with valuable resources and upskilling opportunities. Our mission is simple: to enhance the skills of UX professionals, ultimately improving their professional lives and boosting their impact in the field.

Our curated collection of practical and in-depth articles, guides, and resources cover various topics and domains within UX design, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

Beyond skill development, DesignWhine takes pride in fearlessly voicing unconventional opinions that challenge industry norms through a monthly digital magazine.

Designwhine Magazine Empowering The Ux Design Voice


DesignWhine was born out of late-night passion by Rajat Agarwal and Barkha Sharma, who wanted a platform to “whine” about poor UX design and break away from the typical blog format..

DesignWhine has now evolved into something far beyond its origins as a mere magazine..

Rajat Agarwal
Rajat Agarwal
Founder & Editor-in-chief
Barkha Sharma
Barkha Sharma
Co-founder & Operations

Our Vision For The UX Design Community

Community Empowerment

Our vision is to empower UX professionals by providing a comprehensive platform to learn and upskill

Fostering Collaboration

We foster collaboration, enabling UX professionals to exchange ideas, share experiences, and collaborate

Challenging the Norms

We inspire UX professionals to challenge traditional norms, explore new possibilities, and innovate

Advancing the Field

We aim to advance the field of UX design by advocating for its importance, and contributing to the growth of the community
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