About DesignWhine

Mission and Magazine

DesignWhine is an independent monthly digital magazine that covers news, personal stories, essays, interviews and events from the UI & UX community.

Run by a small team of design professionals after office hours, we’re on a mission to celebrate the lives of everyday designers by providing them with a forum to share their experiences and be heard.

DesignWhine does not aim to tell technical stories of UI and UX as we believe that there are worthier blogs, magazines and forums already covering that side of the UX world.

DesignWhine aims at “humanizing” the whole experience that everyday UI and UX designers go through.

Our mission is to become the “Reader’s Digest” of UI and UX community that is a platform for designers to connect and bond with like minded design professionals

Who’s Behind?

  1. Rajat Agarwal , Founder and Editor-in-chief
  2. Barkha Sharma , Co-Founder and Operations Manager

We also employ a few freelancers who work on various aspects of the magazine and the website.

We also have regular authors, contributors, design journalists who work with us to give voice to the community.

Finally and most importantly, we’re joined by 7,000+ readers from the UI and UX community across the world whose stories we publish and celebrate at DesignWhine.