Cover Of Special Issue Of Designwhine Centered On Convoke By Rethinking Ux: A Powerful Ux Design Meetup

Convoke by Rethinking UX: A Powerful UX Design Meetup

In this exclusive special issue of DesignWhine, we commemorate the essence of Convoke – an in-person event by Rethinking UX that reminds us of the sheer beauty and vitality of the UX community.

Rethinking UX, a vibrant community for UX enthusiasts with over 50,000 members, is a hub where creative minds converge to explore the wonders of user experience. Founded by Mayur Chaudhary and Alok Kumar, seasoned UX experts with over a decade of experience, Rethinking UX is a dynamic community of professionals united to share their expertise, foster discussions, and enhance the learning experience together.

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