Feel Like An Imposter? Relax, You’re Not Alone

Feel Like An Imposter? Relax, You’re Not Alone

Four eminent design personalities share their personal stories on imposter syndrome

Many successful people, from former first lady Michelle Obama, to Hollywood star Kate Winslet, have admitted to being victims of the imposter syndrome. The descriptions are surprisingly similar – feelings of having ended up in esteemed roles not because of accomplishment but because of sheer luck.

The design community too is chock-full of individuals who feel like imposters. And while there are a plethora of blogs, TED talks and discussions on this syndrome and the condition has gained widespread “popularity” over the years, no amount of discourse has been able to expound on how to combat this syndrome effectively. The only solace is in knowing that this condition is not unusual. More importantly, not just a lot, but a lot of successful people in the design community suffer from this so-called syndrome too.
In this piece, we try to help you deal with imposter syndrome in the classic DW style – by reaching out to successful design personalities from all walks of life and have them share their stories of struggle, combat and victory.

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