How Hi-Fi Should Wireframes Be?

How Hi-Fi Should Wireframes Be?

Is there a fixed rule to how detailed our wireframes should be? It depends, Rupashree argues

If someone were to ask you what is that one core responsibility of a UX designer on a project what would your answer be?

Mine would be to ‘materialize ideas into actual being’. According to me, that is something that encompasses everything that a UXer brings to the table. As long as the idea is being adequately materialized and well understood by the stakeholders to be able to make a decision, everything is fair.

This might trigger the age old question that has been plaguing the design world for centuries, “Function over form or form over function?” and while the traditional, straightforward answer to it is former, in my humble opinion, at times function becomes indistinguishable from form much like the soul and it’s body. Unless the concept is represented in the right form, function wouldn’t prevail.

This thought brought a very significant shift in my design process and I started to materialize my concepts in a way that they were communicated exactly how I had imagined them to be.

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