The Cover Of The First Issue Of Designwhine Which Explores How Have Ux Designers Adapted To Covid-19

How Have UX Designers Adapted To COVID-19

In the inaugural edition of DesignWhine, we present a groundbreaking magazine format dedicated to UX designers, offering a unique perspective on the intersection of design and the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Unlike traditional blogs that often focus solely on technical aspects, our magazine delves into the human side of UX design.

The first issue goes beyond the surface, featuring in-depth stories that illuminate the experiences and responses of designers on how they have adapted, and innovated during these challenging times.

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In this issue

Designwhine’S Inception: A Tale Of Creativity, Frustration, And Inspiration

DesignWhine’s Inception: A Tale of Creativity, Frustration, and Inspiration

Perched on the edge of the twenty fifth floor balcony fence, I watched blankly as Aditya cupped his hands around a cigarette and lit it. It was my imagination break…

Mindset Matters: Turning Job Loss Into Opportunity In Ux Amid Covid-19

Mindset Matters: Turning Job Loss into Opportunity in UX Amid COVID-19

Lost your UX job during COVID-19? Mindset is a huge part of seeing the opportunities that present themselves during times like this. All depends on where you set your focus..…

Words Are All I Have: Exploring The Power Of Voice Interaction

Words Are All I Have: Exploring the Power of Voice Interaction

Already on the rise, Voice Interaction has been pushed further by COVID-19 when the focus is on touchless interfaces It’s becoming increasingly common to see people use their voice to…

The Big Remote Experiment: Navigating The Work From Home Shift Amidst Covid-19

The Big Remote Experiment: Navigating the Work From Home Shift Amidst COVID-19

Suddenly, everyone is a remote-work advocate. But does it really work? Unless you have been living under a rock or hidden deep within a sketch design library with a million…

World’S Quest To Trace: Analysis Of Covid-19 Tracing Apps Across Nations

World’s Quest To Trace: Analysis of COVID-19 Tracing Apps Across Nations

Since it was declared a pandemic, COVID-19 has pushed almost every country’s government on the planet to come up with an official contact tracing mobile app. Here, we evaluate the…

From Crisis To Creativity: A Designer’S Perspective On Paradigms, Remote Realities, And Future Possibilities

From Crisis to Creativity: A Designer’s Perspective on Paradigms, Remote Realities, and Future Possibilities

I Acclimatized Mental Model Who would have thought? In just about a couple of months, a new paradigm has emerged. A paradigm that brings with itself changed ways of working,…

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