Cover Of The 4Th Issue Of Designwhine Featuring Interviews With 25 Successful Women In Ux Design

25 Inspiring Women in UX Design

On International Women’s Day 2021, DesignWhine had the honor of conducting interviews with 25 remarkable women in UX design. These interviews featured inspiring, successful, creative, and magnificent women who generously shared their perspectives and experiences, shedding light on issues relevant to women in our industry.

We are immensely grateful to each of these women for dedicating their time to contribute to this meaningful initiative. Their insights have not only enriched our understanding but have also played a crucial role in fostering a diverse and inclusive dialogue within the business.

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In this issue

Celebrating Women’S Day With Ashwini Garde

Celebrating Women’s Day With Ashwini Garde

A design professional with over 18 years of cumulative experience in the fields of User Experience Design and Research, Ashwini Garde hold an M.Des. (Visual Communication) Masters degree from IDC,…

Celebrating Women’S Day With Komal Basraon

Celebrating Women’s Day With Komal Basraon

Describing herself, Komal says, “I’m your friendly neighbourhood UX Designer”! She is generally found reading or experimenting with seemingly bland food (think broccoli) when not designing. How are you planning…

Celebrating Women’S Day With Manisha Gupta

Celebrating Women’s Day With Manisha Gupta

A design lead at Adobe Manisha Gupta crafts the future vision of digital products with some stellar ideas on how to provide the best experience to our new-age users. she’s…

Celebrating Womens Day With Linda Sum

Celebrating Womens Day With Linda Sum

Linda Sum was born and raised in Hong Kong, attended high school in the UK, and moved to California for college, and worked in New York City for a few…

Celebrating Womens Day With Meena Kothandaraman

Celebrating Womens Day With Meena Kothandaraman

A qualitative researcher and co-founder of twig+fish research practice, a micro-agency based in Boston, USA, Meena Kothandaraman loves meeting people and hearing their stories. She credits the diversity of her…

Celebrating Womens Day With Manisha Bhalekar

Celebrating Womens Day With Manisha Bhalekar

Practising human centered design for 12+ years now, Manisha Bhalekar considers herself both a design as well as a people leader. Her expertise is to build and scale the user…

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