Cover Of The 4Th Issue Of Designwhine Featuring Interviews With 25 Successful Women In Ux Design

25 Inspiring Women in UX Design

On International Women’s Day 2021, DesignWhine had the honor of conducting interviews with 25 remarkable women in UX design. These interviews featured inspiring, successful, creative, and magnificent women who generously shared their perspectives and experiences, shedding light on issues relevant to women in our industry.

We are immensely grateful to each of these women for dedicating their time to contribute to this meaningful initiative. Their insights have not only enriched our understanding but have also played a crucial role in fostering a diverse and inclusive dialogue within the business.

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In this issue

Celebrating Womens Day With Anshumali Baruah

Celebrating Womens Day With Anshumali Baruah

Anshumali is a designer & theorist working towards mapping of customer experiences in Voice, Conversational AI & associated emerging technologies. She is excited about the potential of AI in providing…

Celebrating Women’S Day With Deepa Bachu

Celebrating Women’s Day With Deepa Bachu

Deepa Bachu is an out & out product person. She enjoys identifying problems worth solving & then innovating simple but awesome experiences to solve the problem in ways that delight…

Celebrating Women’S Day With Priya Sharma

Celebrating Women’s Day With Priya Sharma

Priya Sharma has been curious since ever, that is what she thinks led her to become a designer. What Priya does today is her passion and she looks forward to…

Celebrating Women’S Day With Angeline Bhavya

Celebrating Women’s Day With Angeline Bhavya

Co-host of the Design Lota podcast, where she tells the stories of designers and creatives from various fields, in the past Angeline has studied and worked in software engineering. After…

Celebrating Women’S Day With Miriam Isaac

Celebrating Women’s Day With Miriam Isaac

A mother of 4 beautiful children, Miriam Isaac is a UX Designer and loves to read and listen to one too many true crime podcasts! How are you planning to…

Celebrating Women’S Day With Anjali Deswandikar

Celebrating Women’s Day With Anjali Deswandikar

Anjali Deswandikar believes for every problem there is always a better solution. Every person is a designer and we can use our intelligence to build, design beautiful things that can…

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