Adplist Founders Felix Lee And James Baduour Talk About Their Mission To Democratize Mentorship For Ux Designers In The Seventh Issue Of Designwhine Magazine.

ADPList On Their Extraordinary Mission To Democratize Mentorship

In the realm of UX design, an ongoing debate revolves around the question of who gets to champion and advocate for this discipline. Some self-appointed gatekeepers argue for imposing entry barriers under the guise of “standards,” yet their motives often reveal elitism, as they fear relinquishing their fictional authority.

In a rebellion against such restrictive norms, communities like ADPList emerge as the Rebel Alliance fighting against the oppressive Galactic Empire in Star Wars, striving to democratize design knowledge and mentorship.

DesignWhine proudly aligns itself with the Rebel Alliance, and in this special issue dedicated to honoring the accomplishments of ADPList, we sit down with its founders, Felix Lee and James Badour. Join us as we explore the origins and future trajectory of this transformative initiative.

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Democratizing Design: End To Gatekeeping In Ux

Democratizing Design: End To Gatekeeping In UX

Everybody knows how YouTube revolutionized the way we create, consume, and share content. Launched in 2005, the platform broke the barriers of entry into the media world and allowed ordinary…

Adplist Founders Felix Lee And James Baduor On Democratizing Mentorship

ADPList Founders Felix Lee and James Baduor on Democratizing Mentorship

I wasn’t sold on the notion of writing a cover story for ADPList when we initially discussed it. Sure, I’d heard of the platform, and we’d interviewed Felix Lee, one…

From Streets To Screens: A Tale Of Responsibility, Ethics, And Ux Design Mastery

From Streets to Screens: A Tale of Responsibility, Ethics, and UX Design Mastery

Largely self-taught, Charchit shares his story of selling sandwiches on the streets to becoming a designer “Son, you learned business card designing in Mumbai, didn’t you? Why don’t you start…

Designing For Impact: Ux In Product Vs. Service Organisations

Designing for Impact: UX in Product vs. Service Organisations

What satisfies a designer’s creative hunger better – product or service based organisation? The beauty of a design process is that it is standardized yet custom at the same time.…

Exploring African Culture, Design, And Ux Writing With Abayomi Ahmed Tosin, A Ux Writer In Nigeria

Exploring African Culture, Design, and UX Writing with Abayomi Ahmed Tosin, a UX Writer in Nigeria

A UX Writer at Sterling Bank Plc in Nigeria, Abayomi Ahmed Tosin is renowned in the African design community and frequently shares his ideas on the importance of UX design,…

Introducing The One Heart Treaty – A Conflict Diffuser App For The Future

Introducing the One Heart Treaty – A Conflict Diffuser App for the Future

It’s 2022. Europe is still crippled, America’s role in the word remains uncertain. Conflict is inevitable! Diffuse future tension with the calm of mass mindfulness via the One Heart app…

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