Sustainable and Green UX design

Cover Of Designwhine Issue # 11 Centered Around Sustainable, Green Ux Design

Inspiring Sustainable and Green UX design

Can UX designers play a significant role in saving the environment and creating a sustainable digital world?

The cover story on ‘Green UX’ encourages designers to recognise the numerous advantages the internet offers but, more importantly, to recognise everything that it necessitates in order to being sustainable.

In an age where consuming more has negative implications for everyone, it motivates individuals to explore for methods to use less.

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In this issue

Empowering Aspirations: The Tale Of A Self-Taught Designer

Empowering Aspirations: The Tale of a Self-Taught Designer

Charin Shah, UX designer at Lollypop Design Studio, shares her insightful and inspiring journey of becoming a self-taught UX Designer I’m a self-taught UX designer who is enthusiastic about solving…

Design Liberation: Breaking Free From Ux Tools

Design Liberation: Breaking Free from UX Tools

The tools have cleverly built an enormous community around themselves but is it healthy for the UX design community? Figma’s server went down for a short period on June 7th,…

24 Hours Of Ux: Non-Stop Live Ux Content

24 Hours of UX: Non-stop Live UX Content

This year 24 Hours of UX came up with another incredible event that took place from June 8, 2022 and connected local communities to a global audience. Over the course…

Trey Hahn, Founder Of Bicycle User Experience (Bux), Shares The Mission Of Revolutionizing Bicycle Planning Through User-Centric Design

Trey Hahn, Founder of Bicycle User Experience (BUX), Shares the Mission of Revolutionizing Bicycle Planning through User-Centric Design

Based in the Netherlands and internationally-oriented with a global network of collaborators, learners, and clients, Trey Hahn, founder at Bicycle User Experience (BUX) chats with DesignWhine on their extraordinary mission…

Exploring The Vital Role Of Ux Research In Africa With Yann Le Beux, Founder Of Pan-African Design Company Yux

Exploring the Vital Role of UX Research in Africa with Yann Le Beux, Founder of Pan-African Design Company YUX

In an interview with DesignWhine, Yann describes himself as a French guy who is a material engineer but has never worked in France. After working in the U.K., Belgium, and…

Navigating The Landscape Of Sustainable Ux

Navigating the Landscape of Sustainable UX

This issue is special in more ways than one. While on the one hand we have a cover story on arguably the most important topic and how we as a…

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