Sustainable and Green UX design

Cover Of Designwhine Issue # 11 Centered Around Sustainable, Green Ux Design

Inspiring Sustainable and Green UX design

Can UX designers play a significant role in saving the environment and creating a sustainable digital world?

The cover story on ‘Green UX’ encourages designers to recognise the numerous advantages the internet offers but, more importantly, to recognise everything that it necessitates in order to being sustainable.

In an age where consuming more has negative implications for everyone, it motivates individuals to explore for methods to use less.

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In this issue

Breaking Bias: Addressing Ageism In Ux Design And Recognizing The Value Of Seasoned Expertise

Breaking Bias: Addressing Ageism in UX Design and Recognizing the Value of Seasoned Expertise

There is a stereotype about older people in tech, including the UX design community, that must and can be overcome Those that knew the young Joey Kilrain would probably use…

Green Ux: Designing For A Sustainable Digital Future

Green UX: Designing for a Sustainable Digital Future

The search for a connection between UX design and environment began a few months ago when we were looking to change the web host provider at DesignWhine. There’s a category…

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