Disabled Persons’ Perspectives on Accessibility in UX Design

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Disabled Users’ Perspectives on Accessibility in UX Design

Welcome to a special issue of DesignWhine dedicated to Accessibility in UX Design. Beyond being a legal and ethical commitment, integrating accessibility into UX design offers a unique opportunity to empower and include individuals with disabilities within the digital realm.

This issue delves into the challenges faced by disabled users, providing insights and perspectives from 7 individuals across various disability spectrums. By actively involving disabled individuals in the design process, UX professionals have the chance to craft digital environments that transcend mere accessibility, fostering enjoyment and engagement for all users.

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In this issue

Turab’S Vision: Advocating Digital Ux Accessibility For A World Of Inclusion

Turab’s Vision: Advocating Digital UX Accessibility for a World of Inclusion

Turab, a beacon of inspiration, embraces change and advocates for transformation in perceptions and ideas. His remarkable journey, marked by adversity, fuels his passion for making a difference in the…

Tanya Marwaha’S Journey Advocating Mental Health And Accessibility In The Digital World

Tanya Marwaha’s Journey Advocating Mental Health and Accessibility in the Digital World

Tanya is an award-winning young person that decided to pioneer youth mental health awareness during the pandemic from her bedroom by founding a youth-led peer community Championing Youth Minds, supporting…

Empathy In Action: Puneet Singh’S Quest For Inclusive Digital Spaces

Empathy in Action: Puneet Singh’s Quest for Inclusive Digital Spaces

Meet Puneet Singh, a passionate Social Changemaker, on a global mission to transform Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA) initiatives. Puneet’s journey, shaped by overcoming personal challenges such as poverty,…

Isaac Harvey: A Champion Of Digital Accessibility And Inclusivity

Isaac Harvey: A Champion of Digital Accessibility and Inclusivity

Isaac Harvey, a resilient individual hailing from East London, navigated his way through life with limb pelvic hypoplasia, a condition that left him without arms and with short legs. Despite…

Emily Vilcsak’S Tech-Driven Advocacy For Accessibility And Inclusion

Emily Vilcsak’s Tech-Driven Advocacy for Accessibility and Inclusion

Meet Emily Vilcsak, a visionary advocate dedicated to transforming lives through tech-enabled solutions tailored for underserved communities. Emily’s remarkable achievements have not gone unnoticed, earning her the prestigious Queen Elizabeth…

Conversation With Celia Chartres-Aris, Disability Advocate And Visionary Policy Designer

Conversation with Celia Chartres-Aris, Disability Advocate and Visionary Policy Designer

Celia Chartres-Aris, a distinguished multi-award-winning campaigner, lobbyist, investor, and policy designer, takes center stage in this exclusive interview. Founder of several disabled-led organizations and named on the 2023 Global Diversity…

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