Disabled Persons’ Perspectives on Accessibility in UX Design

Designwhine Magazine Cover Of Issue 14

Disabled Users’ Perspectives on Accessibility in UX Design

Welcome to a special issue of DesignWhine dedicated to Accessibility in UX Design. Beyond being a legal and ethical commitment, integrating accessibility into UX design offers a unique opportunity to empower and include individuals with disabilities within the digital realm.

This issue delves into the challenges faced by disabled users, providing insights and perspectives from 7 individuals across various disability spectrums. By actively involving disabled individuals in the design process, UX professionals have the chance to craft digital environments that transcend mere accessibility, fostering enjoyment and engagement for all users.

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Interview With Alexander, Founder Of Permastunned Gaming, And Advocate For Inclusive Esports

Interview with Alexander, Founder of Permastunned Gaming, and Advocate for Inclusive Esports

Introducing Alexander, the visionary founder of Permastunned Gaming, an exceptional international esports organization with a unique mission. Alexander himself knows the challenges posed by a congenital myopathy, and he’s determined…

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