Couples in UX: Valentine’s Day Special with Akshita Bhandari & Triambak Sood

Couples in UX: Valentine’s Day Special with Akshita Bhandari & Triambak Sood

Designwhine Interviews Akshita Bhandari Triambak Sood

A keen learner of Product Design and an avid sketcher, Akshita Bhandari is a Sr. UX/UI Designer at CreateBytes, Gurugram, India where her better half, Triambak Sood works as a Principle Product Designer.

Describing herself as “ardent and hardworking” Akshita fondly remembers how she and Triambak met during their internship at an an interior design company in Delhi.

“So, both of us were interning and I found him very cute. After talking and working together for a little more than a month, I proposed him and guess what. HE SAID YES! This is how it started for us!”

While they aid each other with UX and UI (Triambak with UX and Akshita with UI), Akshita admits that because they’re both in Design, at times it becomes tough for them to reach an agreement, leading in a dispute!

Asked how UX Design might have transformed their relationship, Akshita is quick to point out that both Akshita and Triambak empathize with each other (even in their fights!) and that the love for UX Design has kept both of them together and made them reach this far.

As a UX Designer, Akshita thinks that Triambak possesses great empathy skills and patience which she thinks she lacks and wishes she had for she loses her cool and gets irritated easily.

Triambak, on the other hand, thinks that Akshita is fairly fast and intuitive when it comes to designing interfaces. He wishes he had that sense of creativity in delivering a beautiful product which she does!

To the couples in UX, Akshita and Triambak have a message –

“Listen to each other, help each other at every point and do your work with love (with the same love that you both have for each other!”

This article was last updated on November 26, 2023; Originally published on May 5, 2022

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