Couples in UX: Valentine’s Day Special with Anshumali Baruah & Varun Prabhakar

Couples in UX: Valentine’s Day Special with Anshumali Baruah & Varun Prabhakar

Designwhine Interviews Anshumali Baruah Varun Prabhakar

Both of them working as Sr. UX Designers in Germany’s Deutsche Telekom, it was indeed “all thanks to UX Design” that brought Anshumali Baruah and Varun Prabhakar together!

In Anshumali’s words, “Our design careers got us working together. And it was during that time that we realised we complement each other and help reduce each other’s ‘cognitive load’!”

Coming from very distinct backgrounds- Architecture and Engineering, there’s a connection between Anshumali and Varun owing to Design like bouncing off ideas, understanding challenges in the field of Design, bringing in differing perspectives to the table, able to connect over Design and building digital products.

However, there’s another side to their relationship that goes well beyond Design as well. They connect over their passion for travelling, experiential learning, exploring cultures & cuisines and steaming cups of chai!

The main benefit of being in the same field of work, according to Anshumali, is that it’s very easy to empathise with what the other person is going through in a particular situation at work or in personal life. The innate sensitive nature and creative aspects of Design helps their relationship to thrive as well.

When questioned about the skills their other half has that they admire and wish they had, Varun is quick to answer,

“Anshumali has this infinite source of energy which is contagious! She has amazing people skills, always super approachable & continuous drive to help people out.”

Anshumali finds Varun to be a perfectionist and an amazing story-teller, précise and to-the-point, something that she wishes to imbibe in herself someday.

To the young couples in UX who happen to be in love, Anshumali goes, “It is important to understand each others’ complete ‘journey’ with ‘pain points’ and ‘opportunities’ for intervention to have a desirable & engaging experience!”

This article was last updated on November 26, 2023; Originally published on May 5, 2022

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