Brave UX Podcast With Brendan Jarvis

Brave UX Podcast With Brendan Jarvis

Designwhine Interviews Brendan Jarvis

Brendan host of Brave UX Podcast defines being brave in the context of creating digital products as being willing to be wrong about one’s assumptions of the product’s usability and value. He emphasizes the importance of actively challenging these assumptions through regular UX research, particularly in areas that could have a significant negative impact on the product’s viability or user experience. On a personal level, he also believes that being brave is about being someone who is willing to constructively challenge the status quo and make decisions that align with one’s values.

The host of the rather popular Brave UX podcast typically invites guests to be on the show based on their previously shared articulate point of view, which he believes would be interesting and valuable to current and upcoming design leaders. Additionally, Brendan tries to ensure that the show reflects the diversity of people and perspectives in the field of design and product.

While speaking to DesignWhine, Brendan talks about the key takeaways he hopes for from his listeners.

The first takeaway he mentions is for design and product leaders to learn something useful from each conversation that they can apply in their personal or professional lives.

The second takeaway is for listeners of Brave UX Podcast is to explore and question why they agree or disagree with the perspectives discussed. Exploring what lies beneath the immediate reaction and getting curious about that is where insight is found.

Lastly, he hopes that listeners will realize that his guests are, as amazing as they surely are, simply people. People who are brave enough to share their perspectives and reflect, refine, and evolve them over time.

This article was last updated on November 26, 2023; Originally published on June 29, 2023

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