Digital Insights Podcast With Paul Boag

Digital Insights Podcast With Paul Boag

Designwhine Interviews Paul Boag

The Boagworld Show was a talk show covering various web design best practices and news. Paul Boag, the host of Digital Insights Podcast felt it was time to do something different, as the talk show format had become the norm for web design podcasts.

Digital Insights podcast is a more focused podcast that aims to provide short, bite-sized pieces of UX and digital marketing wisdom. Each episode lasts only a few minutes and covers a specific topic.

During the interview, Paul, discussed the key considerations he takes into account when selecting a topic for the show. His top priority is to talk about things that his audience cares about. To achieve this, he has a page where people can suggest topic ideas and vote on the subjects they want to be covered.

Paul explained that while the takeaways from the podcast are always different, if there were an overarching theme, it would be the close link between user experience design and digital marketing. He emphasized that good marketing should continuously work to improve the user experience, and good UX should effectively sell the product or service.

When asked about the one thing he would like to alter in the UX design community, having almost witnessed its evolution since its inception, Paul expressed concern over the general disdain for marketers and marketing within the UX community. He explained that many UX professionals are naive, thinking that improving the user experience is the sole key to business success, when in reality, the issue is more complex. He emphasized that there must be a balance between meeting user needs and achieving business objectives.

This article was last updated on November 26, 2023; Originally published on June 29, 2023

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