Couples in UX: Valentine’s Day Special with Kirti Grover & Sameer Gupta

Couples in UX: Valentine’s Day Special with Kirti Grover & Sameer Gupta

Designwhine Interviews Kirti Grover Sameer Gupta

Kirti Grover and Sameer Gupta’s story of how they met could very well be tranformed on to the big screen!

They first met during an in-person interview in which Sameer interviewed Kirti for the organisation in which he was working to establish a Design team. Kirti didn’t impress him, and he wasn’t going to hire her. But Sameer’s supervisor saw Kirti’s latent Design talent and insisted on recruiting her. That’s how fate brought them together!

Kirti further remembers, “After I was hired, we gradually began to feel more at ease with each other professionally—basically in a mentee-mentor arrangement.
We were similar in many ways- our values, personalities, and beliefs- and this drew us together right away.

When I learned that Sameer was single and looking for a life companion, I decided to look for one for him. One day, a colleague mentioned in passing that we both look great together. That got me thinking!

I ultimately decided to propose to him after much deliberation. Because I was nine years younger than him, this came as a huge surprise to him. But, after some hesitation, he consented!”

It’s now been five years since Kirti and Sameer got married and have a two and a half year old lovely daughter Samaayra.

Not just bringing them together, UX Design still plays a part in their relationship by working as an ice breaker when they get into silent fights (that’s Kirti’s way of showing disagreement!).

Kirti finds her hubby’s skills of people management and simplifying complex problems at hand to be something she wishes she had, while Sameer finds Kirti’s passion for sketching and the skill to document admirable.

To the young Design couples in UX, Kirti leaves a piece of advise with a chuckle –

“Don’t try to solve your relationship problems with the UX mindset. Go with the flow (not workflow) ;)”

This article was last updated on November 26, 2023; Originally published on May 5, 2022

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