Couples in UX: Valentine’s Day Special with Manisha Gupta & Abneet Chauhan

Couples in UX: Valentine’s Day Special with Manisha Gupta & Abneet Chauhan

Designwhine Interviews Manisha Gupta Abneet Chauhan

While Manisha Gupta works as a Design Lead at Adobe, Bangalore and Abneet Chauhan is a Senior Product Designer at VMware, their romance dates back to college days. They were batchmates during M Des. at IDC, IIT Bombay where both were quite impressed with each other’s crafts.

Abneet was pursuing Industrial Design course and Manisha was into Visual Communication. As their friendship grew over topics of art, crafts, design, and life in general, Abneet proposed to Manisha in the last semester of his course. Later, she went to Chennai for job and he moved to Pune. But after a year of a distant relationship, felt the necessity for one another and got married.

Talking about the role of UX Design in their relationship, Abneet says, “I naturally fall into a structured problem solving approach with engineering and design skills, while Manisha has been into exploring aesthetic solutions mostly. Whenever we combine our approaches, magic happens!”

Apart from being spouses, they enjoy talking about Design, Art and Crafts, Films, Tech, etc.
“Design has taught us not just to empathise with each other but has enhanced the acceptability towards different facets of one another’s life also,” adds Abneet.

While Abneet wishes to be as dynamic and organic as Manisha, Manisha wishes to push the creative and functional aspects of task at hand à la Abneet.

Head over heels for each other, they advice young couples in UX, “There are no limits to your creativity and wildness. Having experience in UX Design would have given you deep skills in structuring things, creating blueprints, and adding knowledge, aesthetics, and values that really matter. The life of two designers can be truly magical and unimaginable!

This article was last updated on November 26, 2023; Originally published on May 5, 2022

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