UX Cake Podcast With Host Leigh Allen-Arredondo

UX Cake Podcast With Host Leigh Allen-Arredondo

Designwhine Interviews Leigh Allen Arredondo

The UX Cake podcast aims to highlight diverse voices and perspectives in the field of UX design. Host Leigh provides a platform for underrepresented voices to share their unique experiences and insights while also featuring well-known experts in the field. The UX Cake podcast focuses on topical discussions with guests who have a deep understanding of the subject matter and offer valuable resources for listeners. Through interviews with UX stalwarts and rising stars in the field, the podcast explores the latest trends and topics in UX, providing engaging episodes that encourage listeners to delve deeper.

Leigh shares the story of interviewing UX design legend Don Norman at the IXD Interaction Conference. After presenting her outline, Norman deemed it “too boring,” prompting Leigh to rework her approach and produce an engaging episode that gave listeners an exclusive insight into Norman’s thoughts and ideas. In contrast, Leigh’s interview with Indi Young revealed Young’s efforts to promote inclusivity and diversity in the UX community, and Leigh’s admiration for her work

As a practitioner of user-centered work, Leigh knows all too well the challenges that come with trying to be effective and impactful in the business world. She believes it’s not enough to just have exceptional technical skills in design, research, or writing. To truly succeed, you need a much broader skill set, including effective communication, collaboration, and strategic thinking.

Through UX Cake Podcast, she aims to address these often-overlooked aspects of UX work to help practitioners become more impactful.

This article was last updated on November 26, 2023; Originally published on June 29, 2023

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