Amuse UX Conference 2021 – Highlights

Amuse UX Conference 2021 – Highlights

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DesignWhine was the official media partner of this year’s Amuse UX Conference

Craft Hub organized the Amuse Conference on the 5th and 6th of October 2021, a two-day international event that brought together specialists from the design industry to create a platform for conversation, creativity, and networking.

The Amuse UX Conference is dedicated to bringing together experts, enthusiasts, and simply anyone who is interested in how to offer exceptional user experiences or what the best tools and processes are for evaluating and collecting user requirements.

This year’s event was held entirely online, with 398 designers from 35 nations across five continents in attendance. 10 design experts gathered to discuss issues such as responsible product design, design & inclusivity, the psychology of design. 

Day 1 Highlights at the Amuse UX Conference 2021

Vitaly Friedman Of The Smashing Magazine During His Session In The Amuse Ux Conference 2021
Vitaly Friedman Of The Smashing Magazine During His Session In The Amuse Ux Conference 2021

Vitaly Friedman, Front-End / UI / Creative Lead at Smashing Magazine, kicked off the conference with a discussion about Fixing Frustrating Design Patterns in 2021. In this talk, he took a closer look at some frustrating design patterns and explored better alternatives, along with plenty of examples and checklists to keep in mind when building or designing one.

Trine Falbe Larsen, author of White Hat UX (2017) and The Ethical Design Handbook (2020), gave the second keynote. Trine shared her thoughts on how to make products and services more responsible one step at a time in her talk.

Rachel Ilan Simpson, Google’s lead UX Designer, spoke about Designing for Gender Equity, which included delving into our assumptions about privacy and content, as well as the impact of cultural perception in digital adoption. The next keynote was given by Doug Powell, Vice President of Design at IBM, who highlighted examples of how designers are employing their unique superpowers in innovative and impactful ways as Leaders In A Complex World. Vitaly Friedman and Jim Kalbach lead a panel discussion about designing in a post-pandemic society.

Last but not least, Aarron Walter, Director of Product on the COVID Response team at Resolve to Save Lives, discussed how emotional design—the intersection of design and psychology—can help you and your team design better experiences for all.

Attendees were able to engage in more in-depth conversations and directly ask speakers during the Q&A sessions, polling, and chat section. Attendees could stop by sponsor booths and have one-on-one conversations with other designers for three minutes each in the networking section. 

Day 2 Highlights at the Amuse UX Conference 2021

The second day of the event had speakers from companies like Mural, LinkedIn, and EY. 

Konrad Piercey, Senior Product Designer at Delivery Hero – Berlin, gave the first talk of the final day at Amuse Conference. Konrad discussed the essential elements of any successful product strategy and design roadmap for success.

Mike Gorgone, Jim Kalbach, and Rama Gheerawo delivered keynotes on subjects such as Improv and UX, Mapping Experiences: From Insight To Action,and Human First | Designer Second. Renee Reid, LinkedIn’s Manager of UX Design Research, spoke about how to create a design culture that is inclusive. Renee offered information and actionable ideas about the roles and responsibilities of researchers, designers, and organisations in ensuring inclusive practises and outcomes in her presentation.

This brought the Amuse UX Conference 2021 to a close.

The event was sponsored by EPAM, Continental, Microsoft, Diligent, Emarsys, GE, Morgan Stanley, Wise & Balsamiq. 

For more information about the conference, or to be informed about next year’s Amuse UX Conference, visit: 

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