InVision Shuts Down Design Collaboration Services: CEO Declares Closure by End of 2024

InVision Shuts Down Design Collaboration Services: CEO Declares Closure by End of 2024

Invision Ceases Design Collaboration Services

In a recent announcement, Michael Shenkman, CEO of InVisionApp, Inc., informed the InVision community about the discontinuation of InVision’s design collaboration services. The decision encompasses the shutdown of essential features such as prototypes, DSM, and more, effective at the conclusion of the year 2024.

Founded as a prototyping tool, InVision quickly became synonymous with design collaboration. Its seamless integration with Sketch and other design tools made it a staple in the workflow of designers worldwide. However, as the industry evolved, so did the tools at designers’ disposal.

The rise of Figma presented a paradigm shift, challenging the notion that UI design and prototyping required separate tools. InVision responded by introducing Freehand, attempting to stay competitive in a landscape increasingly dominated by versatile, all-in-one platforms.

The acquisition of InVision’s Freehand by Miro marked a turning point. While Miro had exciting plans for Freehand, InVision faced the reality of a changing market where its once-central role in the design process was being redefined.

Shenkman’s message addressed the impact of this decision on the creative processes and workflows of designers. The acquisition of InVision’s Freehand visual collaboration product by Miro was highlighted, with users being assured of direct communication from Miro regarding Freehand’s future.

Support and Security Measures For InVision Users

Details of the shutdown process were outlined on InVision’s support page. Users were reminded that the last day of access is December 31, 2024, and subsequent permanent deletion of all documents, including prototypes, Freehands, specs, boards, DSM, and assets. Users are strongly advised to initiate the export process early in 2024 to circumvent potential server unavailability in the final months.

While enterprise customers will receive personalized support from the sales team for a smooth transition, non-enterprise users are advised to continue using InVision until the end of 2024. Annual subscription offerings have been discontinued, and users are encouraged to migrate to monthly subscription options.

Throughout the transition, InVision assures users that the security of their accounts and data remains a top priority. Users can contact the support team for assistance until December 31, 2024, with additional contact points provided for inquiries after the shutdown date.

The support page details the steps to export various document types, including prototypes, Freehands, boards, specs, assets, and DSM libraries. While a bulk export option is not available, users are advised to organize and export documents early to avoid potential server issues in the final months.

Addressing the financial implications, the support page provides details regarding the automatic cancellation of active, paid subscriptions on December 31, 2024, the discontinuation of annual plans, and the availability of invoices until that date. It reinforced InVision’s adherence to its non-refundable policy but assured users continued access to features until their subscription term concludes.


As InVision charts its course towards closure, users are urged to navigate this unprecedented transition with the guidance provided. InVision’s transformative legacy in reshaping design collaboration and encourages the community to explore new possibilities. It recommends Miro as an alternative, particularly for Freehand users. It concludes with a heartfelt expression of gratitude for the years of trust and support from the InVision community, marking the end of an era and the beginning of a new chapter in the design industry.

This article was last updated on January 5, 2024; Originally published on January 5, 2024

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