Beyond the Product: Savvy UX Summit 2021 Highlights

Beyond the Product: Savvy UX Summit 2021 Highlights

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DesignWhine was the official media partner for this year’s Savvy UX summit which was a 3-day virtual event starting from the 17th to 19th September 2021, with the main theme “Beyond the Product”.

Nowadays, customers evaluate products or services not just on prices and functionalities. In fact, the whole experience matters greatly. This goes beyond the product experience. It has become imperative for companies to provide the best experience possible. In order to do so, understanding customers’ needs and preferences is crucial. 2021 will be a pivotal year for businesses to go beyond the product!

From September 17th to 19th, 2021, UXTesting Inc., a leading User Experience (UX) analytics and insights firm, presented their flagship Savvy UX Summit, a 3-day virtual event with the main subject “Beyond the Product.” The conference was in its fourth year, and speakers from the hotel, technology, automotive, and consulting industries shared their knowledge and experience on the best User Experience methodologies.

The three-day summit offered informative talks from 18 User Experience professionals from a range of industries, with more than 75 community partners and over 1,500 attendees from 80+ countries.

Speakers At The Savvy Ux Summit, 2021.
Speakers At The Savvy Ux Summit, 2021.

Day 1 Highlights at Savvy UX Summit 2021

The summit was kicked off by Kiyo Yamauchi, current Senior Director at MarketCast and previous Head of User Experience at Twitter Japan.

Kiyo talked about some of the challenges that companies face while conducting user research in Japan, such as the language barrier, Japanese tester timidity, and privacy concerns. Kiyo presented crucial recommendations for undertaking UX research in Japan and other regions during this talk.

Dr. Eva Deckers, Brigette Metzler, Jaime Zamorano, Chris Stair, and Anna Zavyalova led sessions on themes like Design & data, ResearchOps, building teams in multicultural cultures, pragmatic product design and remote research on the first day of the conference.

The Q&A sessions drew a lot of interest from the audience. Attendees could also engage in more in-depth discussions, visit sponsor booths, and directly ask speakers. The networking platform – Gather allowed attendees to play games, make friends and expand their network. 

Day 2 Highlights at Savvy UX Summit 2021

The second day of the event had speakers from companies like Google, Microsoft, Mercedes-Benz, and Gitlab. The summit covered various topics such as UX Leadership, UX Research Methodology, UX Strategy, UX in Government, among others., Used For Networking In The Savvy Ux Summit 2021, Used For Networking In The Savvy Ux Summit 2021

Aldrich Huang, CEO and Co-Founder of and the summit’s main event organiser, offered some advice on how to gather your alliances in your business, the necessity of Research Operation in order to scale, and shared some relevant case studies on the same on the second day of the event. 

Why Mobile User Experience Matters: In the concluding keynote by Billal Qureshi from Google, delve into the compelling reasons why companies must now, more than ever, prioritize investing in superior mobile experiences, spanning both mobile web and applications.

Day 3 Highlights at Savvy UX Summit 2021

The first talk for the final day at Savvy UX Summit started with Jonathan Shariat, Interaction Designer at Google. Jonathan talked about challenges of a product manager, designer, and engineer. Many more leading industry professionals shared their insights and experiences with attendees. Tom Lorusso, Principal User Research Lead at Xbox, gave the second keynote and highlighted five practical methods for thinking more strategically about User Research and UX. 

Onardeep Singh, Senior User Experience Designer at Three UK led an interesting session on how to run an effective Alpha research project. He used specific case study from a leading UK telco around the recent legal change required by all telcos to allow easier switching between networks. Next keynote by Dyn Khem, Director of Design at Agoda, focused on Connecting Design Health to Business Value. He described design leadership as a way to “ensure designers have the influence and data to make their work strategic, the time and space to excel, and the communication channels and process to deliver high-quality products, brands, and experiences”. Last but not least, Aprajit Kar, Group Design Head – Consumer Platforms at Gojek, discussed how to uncover the metrics of customer experience in today’s design world by discovering the correct blend of attitudinal and behavioural data.

All of the sessions at the Savvy UX Summit 2021 came to a close at this point, and all of the attendees received digital certificates. A lottery was performed after the meeting. Attendees were urged to upload selfies on Mural and include the hashtag #SAVVYXU21 in their LinkedIn and Twitter posts. 

Ten winners were chosen at random to get a copy of Jonathan Shariat’s book Tragic Design: The Impact of Bad Product Design and How to Fix It, as well as a free annual subscription to Axure RP Team.

Daito Design, Gather, UXTesting, PanelSheet, Foodpanda, Balsamiq, Agoda, Mural, O’reilly, and Axure sponsored the event.

For more information about the three-day summit, or to be informed about next year’s Savvy UX Summit, visit: 

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