Overwhelms Of A Budding Designer

Overwhelms Of A Budding Designer

A seasoned designer reflects on her journey and jots down some tips handy for beginners

If I can call it that, my love story started in the early days of my childhood, most of which I spent in Jamshedpur, the “city of steel”, located in the Indian state of Jharkhand. During summer vacations, my mom and dad would occasionally take me to their workplace and it was there that I saw him for the first time.

I gradually learnt that he was a man of multiple languages and I wanted to learn them all, just so I could speak with him. Much to my pleasant surprise, he not only joined my school but my very class! I would try to be in his league and in time became good friends with him. We would spend entire days at length in each other’s company, together. It was so magical and fascinating, everything seemed so effortless.

I had fallen in love with the computer.

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