Product Versus Service Organizations

Product Versus Service Organizations

What satisfies a designer’s creative hunger better – product or service based organisation?

The beauty of a design process is that it is standardized yet custom at the same time. In a service organisation, we nearly follow a similar process for every project. The difference lies in the amount of time spent on specific steps of the process which in turn is based on the needs, the budget and the artefacts provided by the client.

On the other hand, in a product organization the design process depends on identifying a market opportunity, clearly defining a problem, carving a solution and then validating that solution with end users. After the product is well established in the market, the process typically remains more or less the same.

In a service organisation, each project can essentially behave like a product, thereby making a designer feel that they’re working on something new each time they are assigned a project. Unlike in product organisations, where the whole concept becomes a bit uneventful at times. However, there are times when product organisations take the cake.

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