Rising Africa – The State Of Emerging UX In Africa

Rising Africa – The State Of Emerging UX In Africa

Africa’s economy has been growing at a robust 3.8 percent in 2021, fueled by increased global demand as trade restrictions are removed, unexplored market prospects, a rebound in commodity prices, and an increase in oil prices. According to GlobalData, the fastest-growing economies in the area will include Morocco, Kenya, Ghana, Egypt, and South Africa, all of which are expected to expand at or over 4% real GDP in 2022.

While predominantly agrarian, the success of African economy is also linked to the continent’s developing information technology industry. And, unavoidably, the development of the IT sector gives rise to UX design.

While initially by UX the industry leaders in Africa understood “look and feel” and used the term interchangeably with graphics design. Gradually, in the last couple of years, the trend has been changing. The leaders now have dedicated UX teams which understand the users of the product and use the findings to improve product experiences. This started with the FinTech organisations but is gaining prominence in other domains of the IT industry as well.

We wanted to understand the current state of UX design in the African IT sector, so we gathered a group of design professionals to ask them questions based on firsthand experience. They share their experience and talk about the struggles they had to face and still face while explaining the significance of UX to more and more people. We also asked them how we, outsiders that form part of the global community could help increase UX reach even further. Over to our African design leaders –

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