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We’re a small group of people who work on the magazine in the evenings after office hours. Your sponsorships assist us in covering our production costs, allowing you to access a highly focused audience.

Why Sponsor Us?

  1. Traditional Print Style Magazine – Reading a retro-style physical magazine simulation improves attention span and, as a result, increases recall of sponsor names and logos
  2. Tasteful Full Page Promotions – Tasteful advertising complements the magazine’s theme, and readers are drawn to promotions
  3. Unobtrusive Long Term Exposure – We only have one sponsor every issue, ensuring that the sponsor receives total visibility with no competition. Advertisements are ingested indefinitely in magazine editions
  4. Unique Marketing Mix For Exposure – Add a fresh style to your marketing mix for brand exposure through a distinctive promotion and advertising format

If you’d like to sponsor one or more of our forthcoming issues, please contact us at hello@designwhine.com for additional information and a sponsorship package.