The Usual Unusual Design Trail

The Usual Unusual Design Trail

A ‘design toddler’ reflects on her journey of transition to design and shares some insights

An artist to engineer to a designer, this trail pretty much sums up my journey so far. I am sure this path does not sound very unique these days, with so many engineers making their breakthrough into the design field., however, what sets one apart is the quality of learning and one’s work.

Almost all enthusiasts have access to the same resources but what makes the difference is what one chooses and how one makes the best use of it.

I am a 5-year-old-engineer and an adult artist, but I would be happy to be called a design toddler. And through my journey of transition to design, I have had to make many a tough decisions that helped me gain discipline and ultimately grow as a designer.

Here are a personal few which made me reach where I am today –

Written by
Arshla Jindal