UX From Hell

UX From Hell

DesignWhine collects twenty five user experience horrors that everyone of us go through everyday but none of us complaint about in this special report. How many of them do you agree with? Tell us in the comments ..

  1. Player-in-player videos on Youtube

When you press the back button on some videos, they minimize yet continue to play in PIP mode. This is true for videos that are part of playlists, but there is no indication that a particular video is part of a playlist, therefore it will continue to play in PIP. Well, so much for the “don’t make me think” mantra!

  1. Amazon Filter Checkboxes

We’re all aware of Amazon’s interface and the loads of filters they offer on the left side of the screen on the web. While there are options to filter by various options depending on the product by using checkboxes for each criterion, the checkboxes do not let the user select multiple criterion at once. The page refreshes to load the first checkbox and then allows more checkboxes to be selected. Isn’t that annoying?! We’d want the power to select one or more checkboxes and then hit a button to load the results based on the multiple selected checkboxes. How hard is it to do that?

  1. Elevator Buttons

Elevators all across the globe feature two conspicuous buttons: the up and down arrows. While most of us understand that the up arrow must be pushed to go up and the down arrow must be pressed to go down, there are still some users who believe the elevator must be summoned to their current position. Instead of the ambiguous arrows, we recommend plain “I want to go UP” and “I want to go DOWN” labelled buttons.

  1. Instagram Comments Written Date

We don’t see why an interface would want its users to answer riddles instead of providing information in plain English. Why are the dates in the comments usually given in weeks rather than the actual date?

  1. Whatsapp Status

While WhatsApp statuses are great for brief, transient updates, adding the option to rewind or advance a video status wouldn’t harm and would increase usability.

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