Words Are All I Have

Words Are All I Have

Already on the rise, Voice Interaction has been pushed further by COVID-19 when the focus is on touchless interfaces

It’s becoming increasingly common to see people use their voice to interact with their devices both on the street with their smartphones and at home with their smart speakers.
We are also seeing that technologies such as biometrics, artificial intelligence and machine learning are having a greater impact, and even, in the current circumstances with the Coronavirus, their development is accelerating.

Avoiding contagion when paying with your card using biometric payments, teleworking in confinement and signing contracts by voice, are examples that will gradually become more common.

If we put together the current situation, with the ways of interacting and the technological advances we see that the relationship between human/machine is undergoing changes, the physical interaction is reduced and the use of digital buttons on the screens are eliminated as much as possible. This is what we call: Buttonless.

Written by
Manuel Medina