YOU & The Hurdles of Transitioning

YOU & The Hurdles of Transitioning

Ahmed Ayoub shares his transitional journey from biomedical engineering to clinical research to UX

I’m a designer at Beam Dental, where I work on enhancing our current tools to empower our end users to make informed decisions regarding their dental insurance. I have experience and passions in UI/interaction design, design systems, and inclusive design. However, this is not what I had a background in.

Creativity and design have been a part of me ever since I picked up my first LEGO brick.

That first step took me down a path that demands critical thinking, analysis, and obsession with the details. I expanded on these skills as a Biomedical Engineering major at Rutgers University, then as a Research Assistant at NYU Langone Health. Having worked with a wonderful team of classmates to develop a cost-effective (~$250) tibial cutting guide, as well as taking two clinical studies to their recruitment targets, I pride myself on getting the job done and meeting set goals.

My unsatisfied creative desire, on the other hand, pushed me to recently transition to UX, a journey that has not been without challenges.

Written by
Ahmed Ayoub