Empowering the UI and UX fraternity!

Empowering the UI and UX fraternity!

DesignWhine’s focus since the debut issue has been on bringing the design fraternity together. It talks about individual designers’ stories, their inspirations, the tools or desks they’ve been working on or the struggles they might have faced during the pandemic. DW is not restricted to technical stories or case studies or tips and tricks about UI and UX. It is about the people of the industry.

And while we talk about the people who make this industry an amazing space, we cannot help but talk about the people who watch this industry from a distance, are fascinated by it, but have no idea whatsoever on how to enter it.

This issue covers such people’s stories. It shares experiences of some of the industry professionals who made it big without having any formal education in design.

People who explored various options, experimented with numerous career paths before finding their one true love for UI/UX.

We hope their experiences and stories will encourage and provide strength to the hundreds out there who want to enter the exciting world of experience design

Rajat Agarwal, Founder and Editor-in-chief, DesignWhine Magazine

Written by
Rajat Agarwal