Amazing Grace Ling

Amazing Grace Ling

The supremely talented Grace Ling spills the beans on her childhood, journey and Design Buddies in a candid interview with DesignWhine

It’s a monotonous Sunday afternoon as I log in to the video conferencing client for an interview. My twenty three year old guest has a very inspiring journey of getting into design from offbeat career fields and has faced a lot of hardships her way. She is the founder of one of the largest design communities in the world – Design Buddies – and a UX designer at Electronic Arts. I had been reading about my guest on the net, stalking her on LinkedIn and following her other social media presence for a while and was prepared for a grim discussion around her ventures and the struggles she’d had to face as a student in high school. Alex Cornell’s ‘I’m on hold’ played in the background as I waited for her in the call.

A couple minutes later, a vivacious girl enters the meeting room with a chime and greets me with the most cheerful smile ever. My apprehension and the preparedness for a stern, serious interview vanish in an instant.

The most fun and laid-back interview with Grace Ling has just begun.

Written by
Rajat Agarwal