Ageism in UX Design: Experienced or Washed Up?

Ageism in UX Design: Experienced or Washed Up?

There is a stereotype about older people in tech, including the UX design community, that must and can be overcome

Those that knew the young Joey Kilrain would probably use keywords like: overly enthusiastic, nonstop, Philly (as in, from Philadelphia), sponge of a person.

I graduated from the Art Institute of Philadelphia just as the internet was ramping up. My first agency role was at Devon Direct which was headed up by experienced directors. They needed young designers to do the digital work they didn’t know how to do.

And while their use of the computer was basic, their advice, insight, and mentorship was legendary. I’m grateful to not only have had them as mentors but that I was patient to listen to them too.

At the time, I wasn’t concerned about getting old. Instead, I labored over things like; ‘Am I creative enough’, ‘Such-and-suches portfolio is amazing’, ‘The client wants to review my work. What does that mean?”

Like I said, the excessively enthusiastic Joey would go to great lengths to learn, be innovative, and excel at work.

Written by
Joey Kilrain