Azmina Poddar – On Women’s Day

Azmina Poddar – On Women’s Day

In the past 25+ years of experience Azmina Poddar has experimented in many genres. She has donned the garb of an artist to a design entrepreneur, dabbled at film editing to UI/UX.

She has also branded some organisations and packaged products like some premium wines and whiskeys. A storyteller at heart with numerous facilitation of design thinking workshops she’s climbed up walls to paint them and created designer sarees to drape models on the runway.

She has helped young kids on the Bombay streets to read and write. and also designed some fairs, exhibitions, museums and cities and oh yes, she is also a mother!

All of this acscertains that beyond her doing and being lies creativity.

As a person she loves laughing and talking and is curious and eager all the time.

Azmina also loves to travel a lot and has lived across the country. In her creative process she often stumbles upon ideas and methods, each time learning and arriving at the end product. She never knows what she is going to come up with.

As they say, the journey is equally enchanting as the destination.

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Team DW