Vanessa Dsouza – On Women’s Day

Vanessa Dsouza – On Women’s Day

As a child Vanessa Dsouza was immensely curious about why things were designed the way they were and why some objects serving the same purpose seemed more interesting to people than others. She became deeply
obsessed with objects from an early age. She was absolutely stunned when she realized that
everything around us was “designed” — one way or the other — by someone.

She saw that when people got comfortable with some objects, they became alive and took on a life of their own, affecting the people around them. Sometimes this relationship was a beautiful one and sometimes it was painful to the users. To her, this is almost like a marriage between the object and the user. Design stands in the middle of this marriage like Cupid, making the user fall in love with the object.

Her ‘Aha’ moment was in the late 1990’s – during her stint at DEShaw – where she was surrounded by the best minds and state-of-the-art technology and design.

She saw for the very first time the impact and scope technology was enabing, in its ability to reach out to millions across the world. Connecting the dots, she saw how good design could be the only creative tool that brought technology closer to humans and how it could shape experiences positively.

Design had a responsibility. That was her turning point – she took
the leap in honing this curiosity and fueling it all the way up – there’s been no turning
back since!

Written by
Team DW