Meena Kothandaraman – On Women’s Day

Meena Kothandaraman – On Women’s Day

A qualitative researcher and co-founder of twig+fish research practice, a micro-agency based in Boston, USA, Meena Kothandaraman loves meeting people and hearing their stories. She credits the diversity of her Canadian upbringing and the many places around the world she has called home as inspiration to her curious and open nature.

Understanding deep knowledge about people is what she encourages organizations to leverage as a strategic tool, and a basis to creating relationship with the people they serve.

Beyond consulting with global firms, she is a 20-year lecturer in Bentley University’s graduate Human Factors and Information Design program and has curated the qualitative research course that has shaped the minds of many research leaders.

As a woman of color, who has two kids and a family she chooses to spend a lot of time with, Meena sees the importance of providing mentorship to young female professionals entering the qualitative research workspace. Her favorite motto is “we advance together, or not at all.”

Meena is constantly learning and nurtures her interest in music (she is a South Indian classical violinist and vocalist), in the culinary arts (has hosted her own cooking show), and in children’s literature (has published a children’s book focused on the importance of proper name pronunciation). She is always grateful to the many people who have inspired her own journey!

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